ASP.Net Continuous Integration and Deployment

I am looking at automating the nightly builds of our web application and it would be really nice if we can deploy the successful build to a test server.

the scenario is:

Every night at a particular hour, the source code will be updated from our SVN server. Then a build goes down using a continuous integration tool like CruiseControl.NET utilizing MSBuild. Then deploy the successful build.

I did a quick Google search, and found this post:

ASP.NET website Continuous Integration+Deployment using CruiseControl.NET, Subversion, MSBuild and Robocopy

It is by far the most informative, step by step answer to the question. The only exception on the post is that I need to preserve user data (uploaded data). I will be using his instruction to build this solution on our development server.

Will keep you updated.

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