The StartupCamp III Experience and

On Friday 19th February 2010, a group of 38 individual gather to race through the next 2 nights and 3 days to build, demo and pitch new concepts, ideas and ultimately demonstrate innovation.

Yes, I was one of these 38, enduring two days with only 2.5 hours of sleep. Nothing else mattered, but delivering the promised goods. My team of 4 – successfully and proudly delivered this service:

Since this is a technical blog, I wont bore you with the emotional details of the three days, but I will introduce you to the team that made this happen.

Casey Butler – Role: PR/Marketing
Casey is a start-up founder and a musician who has come to StartupCamp Sydney to practice business and polish his skills for the real world. His role in building the business case and drumming the PR and marketing is critical to the success of the project. BTW, he flew all the way from Melbourne to be here in Sydney.

Dave Trindall – Role: Developer
Dave is an active developer specialises in the Microsoft technology stack. His dedication to development have lead him to StartupCamp Sydney III to demonstrate his knowledge and experience. Dave’s newest website launch is his meaningful short URL service found at:

Brett Samuel – Role: Graphic Designer
Brett’s background is business development and entrepreneurship. has successfully established and sold his last business, Brett gravitated to StartupCamp Sydney III to learn and share the experience of a new atmosphere and innovation.

Sarmaad Amin – Role: Developer
Sarmaad is a .Net enterprise application developer that have worked on may successful IT projects. He came to StartupCamp Sydney III to explore new innovation and develop ideas in a different environment that cultivate innovation. His experience in software development contributed to the successful completion and launch of the project at StartupCamp Sydney.

“ is a project born in 11 hours , from zero code to completion 100% borrowed code free”

That’s right, the website was completed and fully functional with 11 hours of nothing but pure development and excitement.

This is a short run down of the technology.

I have opt-in to use LLBLGen Pro as our ORM layer with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The front end is designed and coded using ASP.NET MVC 2 RC 2, yes, using Visual Studio 2010 RC.

I have to say, this is the fasted development I have been involved in, even for a fully functional prototype and without using the MVC framework, I doubt it would have finished on time.

the features of the application includes:

  • complete login/registration system for Chefs to list their services
  • paypal integration for registration payment
  • twitter integration for posting to twitter network and update from it.
  • Bing map integration to display the chefs/restaurant registered in the network.

basically all the necessary plumping to operate a web 2.0 style vertical industry service directory business. which in our case we choose Chef and other cooking services.

have a look at our presentation. BTW, I wasn’t there because I was building the better website… 😉

Check out the website and let me know what you thing and if you are interested in the source code, send me an email or leave a comment on this post and I would send you a copy.

now to go and get some more sleep, happy coding…


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