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Running MSBuild 4.0 and MSBuild 3.5 on Continuous Integration

With Visual Studio 2010 RC released recently, we jumped on the release and began to code with VS2010.  One issue that popped up was that now all builds were targeting MSBuild 4.0. That doesn’t seem to be a big problem until our CruiseControl CI server kicked in, downloaded our updated code and failed building the […]

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Service WSDL

NetRegistry Reseller API with .Net 3.5 WCF Service

Background Web services are not a new topic for web developers. Companies are slowly embracing this technology and are moving to incorporating them in their service offering. The beauty of web services is it makes available to developers the functionally and flexibility needed to come up with innovative tools and solutions. NetRegistry have just release […]

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ASP.Net Continuous Integration and Deployment

I am looking at automating the nightly builds of our web application and it would be really nice if we can deploy the successful build to a test server. the scenario is: Every night at a particular hour, the source code will be updated from our SVN server. Then a build goes down using a […]

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