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Azure Functions Tutorial – Sql Database

In my previous post, I touched on how to create a simple Azure Function and invoke it through a web request. In this post, I want to do something more interesting that has not yet been covered in any of the template provided. My objective is to insert a record into Sql Azure Database every time […]

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function landing view

Azure Functions Tutorial – New Function App

Creating a new Function App In this post we will look at creating a new Azure Function App and explore a provided example. Let’s start by creating a new Function App and walk through the setup process. (This post assumes you already have an Azure account.) 1. Add a Function App by clicking on the + icon and searching […]

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Microsoft Azure Blog Series

It has been rather a long time since my last blog post. During the “gap” I have been working on a lot of projects and various technologies. What I intend to with this blog series is to document my journey thus far focusing with Microsoft Azure platform and explore with examples various services offered by the platform. […]

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